5 Uses Of Natural Essential Oils

5 Uses Of Natural Essential Oils

Oils are an important part of a human beings life. But a few people know that oils can also be used for many other works other than for applying on hairs and cooking. There are many kind of oils that originate from plants other than coconut or olive. There are oils that are combination of extracts from more than one plant. Those are known as natural essential oils. And these oils are of high demand due to their uses. These oils are miraculously useful. Let’s see how natural essential are useful to human beings.

Effect on human body

Natural essential oils have many effects on human body. Essentials oils has a power to relax sore muscles that’s why it’s often used in massage courses. Even players like athletes are treated with essential oils. It has a tendency to relax a body very quickly. So it is very preferable for massages. Natural essential oils are also known as natural pain killers. It treats your pain too. It may not take away the pain instantly but it reduces the pain to 50% and moreover its natural so it’s preferable.

Effect on skin

Natural essential oils are also very helpful in removal of acne spots. It also reduces the wrinkles on face and tries to keep your skin tight. It is also known as for reducing age spots. In short it can be termed as natural anti aging creams/oils. As the oils are extracted from plants, their combination works magic on skin and returns the lost charm of the skin. Even some combinations of essential oils like lavender and roman chamomile calms the irritation caused by sun burn.

Medicinal effect

Yes some natural essential oils have medicinal effect that’s why doctors have started keeping some oils in hospitals too. Essential oils are treated against infections. Some doctors use the combination to treat depression and anxiety. It is believed that the aroma of these essential oils creates a sensation and it affects the nerves of human being so that it works magic on human brain. They have other antibacterial and anti-fungal quality which is used to treat cuts and burns etc.

Hair growth

This problem is something that everyone go through. Essential oils help in dealing with this problem too. Oils like clary sage and lavender balances the estrogen level and another oil named rosemary inhibit DHT that stops hair loss. So this combination of oil is miracle for hair growth. Even lavender and rosemary helps in strengthening the core of hairs and try to make hairs denser. It strengthens the roots such that it won’t be uproot easily and hairs would be lost. That’s why now shampoos are coming in market that has herbs and essential oils.

Weight loss

This is the essential work of the natural essential oil. It helps in weight loss too. People intake essential oils for losing weight. Essential oils like Grapefruit oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil and ginger oil has the ability to burn fats and help in essential oils.

Even though essential oils have many applications but one should take medical guidance before using them. Essential oil not only makes people beautiful but also makes them healthier and wise so everyone should opt for natural essential oils.

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