All You Need To Know About CBD Pain Patch

All You Need To Know About CBD Pain Patch

The CBD Pain Patch has made it easier to take the CBD without any troubles. The pain patch is designed in a way which provides the body about 40mg CBD over the course of 96 hours.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the compounds that are found in Cannabis. It belongs to a group of molecules which are known as Cannabinoids. Out of these, the compounds present in the maximum concentrations are CBD and THC. It has been found in medical studies that cannabinoid has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neuroprotectant, analgesic, antitumoral agent, antidepressant, antipsychotic, and anxiolytic properties.

What is CBD Pain Patch?

CBD pain patch is a comfortable alternative to taking CBD for medicinal purposes. It is hypoallergenic and certified non-GMO and consists of essential oils and phytonutrients, similar to CBD and terpenes, to maintain health on the whole. The patch holds 0.3% THC or even less than that and it is completely non-psychoactive. The purpose of a CBD Pain patch is to provide slow absorption of a strong 40mg dose of CBD. The patches are a boon for those who want it to work on a specific area and are also helpful if the patient does not or forgets to use tinctures or take CBD regularly.

How to Use?

First of all, the area of application needs to be cleaned and dried. A small sheet of alcohol is present in the package, given to clean the area prior to placing the pain patch on the skin. The printed liner from the patch needs to be removed and the patch needs to be firmly pressed onto the skin. The CBD Transdermal Patch holds on best to the areas with the least hair. Make sure that the patch is not placed on the areas where the skin is loose; otherwise, it might come off. If it needs to be placed on the knee, it must be applied either below or above the joint in order to keep it in place. The CBD pain patch needs to be worn for 96 hours continuously in order to take the benefit of the whole 40mg.

Benefits of Using

The CBD Pain Patch is very convenient to use and has many advantages. The adhesive of the patch does not get absorbed; just the medicine is absorbed through the skin. Chemicals like DMSO, which is illegal, are not added and the whole plant supercritical CO2 extracted oil is used in order to provide the benefits of a natural plant. The patches are better in the sense that it offers larger quantities of Cannabinoids and accurate ratios. The delivery of medicine is effective and fast, that too outside the digestive process, which results in an undiluted absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream. The CBD pain patches provide long term delivery since the adhesive is water resistant and results in prolonged adhesion to the skin surface. The patches have a unique reservoir design which offers a longer period of dosing, usually 3 to 4 days or up to 96 hours.