Mopeio online game for free

Mopeio online game for free

mopeio is a very popular online game. This is a survival game in a colorful 2D environment. People from all over the world are playing this game. It is multiplayer and interesting game that makes you addicted to it. You can easily play the game by just entering the name. no need to sign in or create any account. It makes you easy to play it whenever you want from any device. It is available on any device like Android, IOS, laptop etc.
The gameplay is very easy and no need to use many complex keys to control. Only use mouse to control your game play. Here you can select mouse or shrimp as players. Mouse is a bit slow, but shrimp can move fast. Follow the map and eat and drink well to stay long in the game. One of the most important thing is to be noted is that don’t allow big animals to eat you.

In this game first, you must start of as a mouse. You can be bigger as you move forward through the food chain and eat up those berries on your way. This will improve your xp and a high xp means you have got more strength. It makes you a stronger animal than mouse. Survival is the main aim and you have to run away from those predators. On the way you can encounter with many other players. Some of them will be same as you and some others will be bigger than you.

How to play
You will start from the bottom of the chain as a mouse. As you move forward you can eat berries and gain more strength. There are two types of indicator. One indicates water meter and the other indicates your xp. Don’t let you water meter drop on the way you should consume a lot of water. Otherwise you will die of thirst. There are two types of players one with green outline, they are friendly players other with red outline and they are dangerous. You can move forward and be bigger. If you get more xp your strength also increases and can evolve into other creatures.

Controlling this game is very easy. If you are using mouse press left button of your mouse and move forward. Move your fingers on mousepad and you can control your movement. There may be objects that slow down your movement. Move around them initially. As you go further you can do sprinting by long pressing space bar. But one thing to be noted that it will consume more water and can make you thirsty.

Final words
This is an excellent game for game lovers. It is compatible with Android 4.4 and above, IOS 8 and above etc. if your internet connection is fast you can play this game without any lag. This is a very good time pass for everyone. Try it once and you are going to love this game for sure. Stay longer and be the winner. This is a fun game and you can give it a try.