Video game trademarking – All You should know

Video game trademarking – All You should know

Who doesn’t like playing video games? That was a rhetorical question but consider this: If you are a video game developer, there’s a difference between people playing your game and people playing with your game. That’s right! We are talking about copyright and trademark infringements here. As a developer, nothing is more valuable than your own ideas, design and the hard work you put behind developing every game, being rendered fruitless because someone stole your concept. Before releasing any game into the market, you should be aware of the video game laws out there. There are a number of reasons why you should consult a video game lawyer and consider getting your work trademarked. Some of them are:

1. Helps you choose a title:

Hiring a video game attorney can provide you with a host of benefits. With the knowledge of the video game law, your lawyer will do a thorough research on the potential legal issues with your chosen game title and tells you whether you are good to go or you should consider changing it. This will save you from all the legal conundrums that you might have to face after you have released the game and you won’t be needing to change it in any condition. A trademarked title also helps you prevent people from opting names similar to yours.

2. Repel away clones:

Though a trademarked title doesn’t protect your game holistically, a video game with a trademarked title is highly unlikely to get cloned in the app stores. The not so sophisticated parties will be warded off by the ‘TM’ sign beside your title but for making the protection fool-proof, you have to get your game and its utilities trademarked.

3. Prosecutorial Advantage:

If you register your trademark before you release your game, it provides you with a strategic advantage over the ones who may want to drag you to court and cost you a fortune. If anyway, you are subpoenaed, a registered trademark will stand guard like a wall. Furthermore, after 5 years of having a registered trademark, the trademark becomes unchallengeable.

4. Patents and IP appeal to investors:

If you’re done being bootstrapped and now want to be funded, you have to pitch to many investors and venture capitalists and apparently, one of the determining factors that lures them into investing into your venture is your Intellectual Property Profile. The more protected IP you have, the more promising you are in the eyes of your investors. Trademarks provide long-term advantage from building up your IP equity to facilitating the licensing of your trademarks which has great financial value.

In Los Angeles, there are many good options for choosing a lawyer of your need. A Los Angles video game attorney would charge you fairly because of the competitive market for trademark attorney in Los Angeles. So, when should you consult your Los Angeles video game lawyer? The answer is- Before releasing the game! You don’t want to get into a situation that even your lawyer can’t handle. With about $1000, you pay for both the filing of your trademark and the fee for your trademark lawyer Los Angeles.

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